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First Entry!!

Hello everyone!
DAMN SHITT, I'm sooo excited! This is my first blog entry ever and I'm totally curious about writing my own journal! I've never done such a thing before, so that will be a complete new experience! Hopefully you'll enjoy reading my stuff and will have a good time!

Lot's of kisses,

28.11.07 16:07

Caffeine Absence & School Trouble

Oh my Gosh, I'm so fed up with studying all the time! School is so fuckin' boring... especially maths!! Who the hell needs that shitt?? I certainly not... and I have to do sooooo many exercises - terrible! Oh man and probably the worst thing is my damn caffeine level! It goes down all the time, I could drink one cask after the other and it simply wouldn't help! Hopefully I'll survive 'till Friday, so that I can continue writing on my novel...


School is WAR!

Back to my homework...

28.11.07 16:41

Spanish A And Ink Exchange

Yey, yesterday I got an A in Spanish and today my maths teacher hasn't brought the exams, so that I still do not have to confess Mum my bad feeling concerning this thing! Isn't life beautiful? And something else is rocking my day: The fact that there will be another two Wicked Lovely continuations!! How great, I still can't believe it - I wonder, what's going to happen with Aislinn and Donia (my fave characters ) ! Ooooh, I'm sooo curious...

  Back to writing my novel...


29.11.07 13:20

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